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A seamless blend of melodic rock, progressive rock, blues rock and heavy rock

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Tony June 2011_4-c“…….eloquent
styling and compelling songcraft.”

Todd Smith, The Cutting Edge


“…….it has great singing and guitarplaying”

Arne Asbolmo, MelodicHardRockToday


“…….music that just plain smokes with rock’n
roll fervour and passion”

Holly Day, associate writer, Music Dish


“….makes the music of Koretz
interesting as hell and hard to label”

MUEN Magazine March/April 2005 ( a 5 star review rating)


“….This is a must listen for any and
all fans of rock-and-roll”

John Haseltine Ballbuster (04-2005)


“….this is something special. The rest
of ‘Kicking Cans’ doesn’t stray from the winning formula”

Kevin Matthews, at


“….irresistibly listenable and

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton, at


“…..make the best buy you will ever
make by purchasing the ?Kicking Cans? CD.”

Reviewed by the late Mary Rudy,


“…..full of energetic guitar-based
melodic rock.”

John Shelton Ivany, top21

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Cross Pink Floyd with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple with Phil Keaggy, add a

dash of Alice Cooper, and you might imagine what the music of Tony
Koretz is like.



Do you like music full
of hate, anger, violence and death ?……..then you probably won’t
like this album ! If you like puppet musicians and syrupy singers, then
this probably ain’t for you. If you wear your cap on backwards, your
crotch down at your knees and listen to a ghetto blaster with some guy
rapping on about how unfortunate his life is, then click your back
button now ’cause this will probably not be your cup of tea (or dose of


BUT… if you like to grab a pair of headphones, chuck ’em on and
listen to a stereo dreamfield of soaring solos,crunchy rhythms and
lyrical imagery, this could be for YOU!

Then again, maybe you enjoy your stereo speakers cranked up loud, to
really hear them instruments come to life. Well it’s time you gave the
music of Tony Koretz a listen !

With thought provoking lyrics, powerful vocals, and a message that’s
designed to help give you a sense of hope in this crazy world we live
in. Koretz’s music offers something interesting all the way.

Tony Koretz has a pasion for music that
is uplifting, for people who take the golden rule seriously, and those
who want to give life their best shot. And man he likes to rock ! Grab
a copy today of Kicking Cans by Tony


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Tony Koretz is a musician, singer, songwriter and audio
engineer based in New Zealand, with a flair for writing and performing
guitar-based melodic rock. While Tony is not afraid to share the fact
that he has a Christian faith, and God consciousness underlies much of
his music, it can’t be pidgeon-holed into religious rock. Preferring to
reach people wherever they are at, through his lyrics and passionate
playing, his work should provide lovers of good old rock and roll
something to relate to here. Since beginning playing piano at age 10,
guitar at age 16 years, he has had a love of performing in bands and
solo, and the recording of his self-penned music. His own brand of
music is heavily influenced by such classic rockers as Led Zeppelin,
Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Phil Keaggy: His guitar playing style is
somewhat a mix of all these. Other guitarists that have influenced him
include Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Rex Carrol and Kerry Livgren.
Tony has also developed a good vocal range with a powerful style, and
enjoys singing with a passion and fervour that let you know this guy
loves what he does. His songs are often characterized by sweet acoustic
guitars, dirty sounding electric guitars, and an organ and Leslie
combination giving a sense of dynamics to the music. At times the music
is progressive in nature, while at other times it is quite bluesy.
While the sound is earthy, there is often a spiritual side to the
songs, with thought provoking lyrics. Always looking to grow his craft,
with new songs never far away from the pen, you can expect Tony Koretz
to be round for the long haul.





One of the last (possibly the last) review ever written, by one of the best known and most loved music reviewers in the business; the late Mary Rudy of Muzik, before her sad and untimely death on Feb 15th 2005, was of Tony’s ‘Kicking Cans’ album. This review, written just days before her passing, in it’s ultimate praise of the album, also revealed in her writing, just how well Mary was able to understand the very essence of what the artist was trying to portray through the music. Little wonder that she was such a respected writer, who will be sorely missed.

There’s only one way to listen to Tony Koretz’ CD ‘Kicking Cans’, and that is with the volume pumped up, and hang on tight for the smoothest rock n roll ride of your life. Tony delivers on this cd, melodic tunes with energized licks and notes.

If you like good ole rock and roll with an fat-edge and a whole lot of punch……….well then this is the cd for you. Make sure to crank up the volume, it’s the only way to hear each note, lick that this superb artist puts out there just for your ears. The lyrics combined with his powerful vocals sends us a ray of hope in this world we live in.

Tony gives his total all, to deliver his talents, singing, musicianship and songwriting on this cd project. Koretz pushes his axe to the limit, nothing like a guitar playing with your heart and soul. It’s only obvious that Tony demonstrates his love for his music. Each and every song shows that love.

The ‘Kicking Cans’ musicians are: Tony Koretz ~ vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming…..Nathan Koretz ~ drums, bass, saxophone…..Matt Schmitt ~ keyboards…..Marcel and Simon Koretz ~ backing vocals.

Each and every song deserves a mention, all I can say is go get your own spin and you will see what all the chatter is about this one of a kind musician. You won’t be sorry.

BOTTOM LINE: Ultimate Caliber of Talent…..Musicianship that doesn’t get any better…..Vocals to capture your heart and soul……Messages in each song that can be identified by someone – somewhere at anytime….Make sure to visit Tony Koretz Website at: , make the best buy you will ever make by purchasing the ‘Kicking Cans’ CD.
Review by Mary Rudy, Read the full review at Southboundbeat Magazine

Bathed in ‘70s hard rock Tony Koretz mixes the sting of a Gibson SG with the growl of early Peter Green to create an inspiring debut, Kicking Cans. Completely confident in wearing his influences on his sleeve, Koretz and his brothers create a personal tribute to orchestrated stadium rock with his melodic arrangements, signature riffs and thick baritone.

An audio engineer by day, the native New Zealander brings elements of Led Zeppelin (Oh Yeah!), Foghat (If Your Love Was A River) and Traffic (And The Wind Blows) into his 12-track resume. Joined by his brothers Nathan
(drums, bass), Marcel and Simon (backing vocals), Tony’s writing style fits the record’s raw production but is not devoid of eloquent styling and compelling songcraft. Yet, where Koretz really shines is in the stripped-down acoustic blues of Porch Rocker Blues and the swagger of Come Back Baby .

Writing and composing the album himself has allowed Koretz the freedom to take a song from a Procol Harum-like jam in The Chequered Flag to the ass-kicking burn of The Tears where his gorgeous sense of melody moves
from a passionate electric guitar to a swelling acoustic / piano mid-section. There are plenty of ELP moments throughout the whole affair due to the prominence of vintage Leslie cabinets. Record highlight is I Belong, a scorcher from its opening riff to it’s disheveled bridge into a tasty chorus. Well worth the postage.
Todd Smith

“…… that just plain smokes with rock’n’roll fervor and passion, the latest collection of which can be heard on his 2004 release, Kicking Cans (Rocksure Soundz)………….. “Kicking Cans” definitely has a classic, guitar-heavy rock sound to it, with great hooks and melancholy keyboard riffs. Lyrically, Koretz’s subject matter includes everything from the problem of world hunger and political oppression to that old standard called “love.” …………………….The album’s a fun ride all the way through, happy and hopeful and upbeat without being vapid or sappy-instead, this is upbeat music that sounds as though it’s being delivered by a voice of experience, someone determined to not be brought down, not matter how tough things are.”
Holly Day,2004-11-04 Associate writer Music Dish

tony_koretz votu
Click on the picture for Voice of the Underground interview, KICKING CANS WITH TONY KORETZ by Freddy Metal

What I’ve just received is the second CD from the ascending New Zealander, actually a self-release from his clan where only the session-member on the keyboards Matt Schmitt is not a member of the family and even the cover was photographed by a relative of Tony’s. Of course we appreciate and feel closer to those who have this sort of DIY spirit, but if I have to be honest, that’s also a double-edged weapon, and I’m referring to the fact that 5 songs unexplainably have a drum programming ruining them and the remaining ones a human drummer; I believe that even if you’re not a sound freak, you’ll agree with me when listening to the huge difference between the 2 groups, and the shame is even bigger as the maimed songs are top-notch too and most of all because Tony is a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drum programmer, singer, songwriter and…audio engineer! However, let’s proceed in order: “If Your Love Was A River” is a pearl of class hard rock with an excellent backed-up refrain à la Toto; it’s not a case it’s been chosen for a video; the hit is furtherly spiced by a good pulsating bass work and strapping delayed guitars in the closure. My favourite track is very likely “I Belong”, opened by a luxurious lick and based on warm vocals accompanying lyrics that see me have a common taste about women with the New Zealand guitar hero, though the ones about life differ. The hook before the chorus owes much to the Cult, but then it just turns into a touching rock, where the guitar solo is followed by a good guitar plot, once again embellished by the back-up vocals and the semi-hidden keyboards. A bit strange and cheerful is the title-track, which is gonna get stuck at your minds owing to its penetrating refrain, unfortunately not exhalted by the cold programming, which is the biggest fault in “And the Wind Blows” too; this song is a pop-rock ballad with longing 80’s-rooted vocals really thrilling my spine as they’re so performed so well; I can close an eye on the previous track but here I don’t understand how the excessive and ungraceful drum programming might’ve been chosen; the problem mostly resides in the hi-hats, completely unnatural and when you have a ballad and a blues guitar soloing, you can’t digest the final effect the first times you listen to the piece. I suggest Tony should record it again for his next CD with a real drummer. As for “Porch Rocker Blues”, the title says it all! Nothing more than a lazy blues, but no end effective and catchy, men! The instrumental “The Chequered Flag” is a masterpiece of lively 70’s progressive rock, among Genesis, Gentle Giant and Deep Purple, in which a precious solo by Tony couldn’t be missing. The hammond also rules the psychedelic “The End Draweth Nigh”, above which the Pink Floyd spectre hovers about steadily along with Frank Zappa and King Crimson in a lesser measure, thanks to the bell tolls, the added noises and especially the vocals. A composition very different than the others, completely out of time on which to make our astral bodies travel. “Come Back Baby” brings the band back dealing with blues coordinates, a tad erotic, soon blazing with alive drums, therefore the feeling is preserved this time! Accomplices are urchin Tony’s riffs as well. “Oh Yeah” is a concentrate of energetic rock heavily debtor to Led Zeppelin’s tunes and sounds; the echoed refrain won’t be forgotten and makes the song pleasant to be listened to again and again. The sax played by Nathan Koretz has the lion’s share in “Every Time It Hurts”, sweet, with suffused keyboards and a Guns ‘n’ Roses axe solo till the rhythmic section comes in; naturally this song is suitable to create a certain atmosphere for romantics’s most téte-a-téte moments; Tony exhibits himself in an acoustic Spanish-like solo and afterwards a Kotzenian electric one. The long and sad “The Tears” contains splendid lyrics, another de-luxe solo and alternates the melody through the piano and the distorted outbursts; the vocal lines are literally divine, I mean the chorus is superlative here and the significant back-up vocals before the solo make this song sound like written during a collaboration among Eagles, Yes, and Pink Floyd. The over 51 minutes come to and end thanks to “Hope against Hope”, a beach beat-rock composition with excellent really artistic vocals and badly-assorted drum beats; notwithstanding this, I am convinced that if this song had been released in the early 80’s, it would’ve been a sure shot to the top of pop charts. No Rap, no crap, this is Rock and Mr. Koretz has proved he’s got it in his DNA. Had this CD been released later with all of the songs played by a human being, the mark would’ve been far much higher; anyhow, if you don’t happen to be a perfectionist as I am, you may easily enjoy these 12 tracks played in a style mixing Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Rex Carrol and Kerry Livgren. Vintage guitar-based rock will never die until musicians like Tony are on a patrol searching for puppets to unmask…

From New Zealand comes a musician, singer, songwriter and audio engineer with the name Tony Koretz. He started playing piano at the age of ten and guitar when he was sixteen. His music and guitarplaying is influenced of classic rock acts and artists like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Rex Carrol and Kerry Livgren. With his new album Kicking Cans, it`s obvious that Tony Koretz has been in the music business in many years. The music is a mix of Melodic Hard Rock, Blues, Southern Rock and progressive rock. The twelve songs has a lot of variety, and I thought they needed some listenings, but the songs with a touch of both the 70`s and 80`s grows much the more I listen to them. I am impressed over how different the songs are on Kicking Cans, the opener If Your Love Was A River is a straight forward Melodic Hard Rock song with great guitarplaying, a nice refrain, and if you cross Bad Company and Loverboy you will come up with something nearlike the style on this song. The titletrackKicking Cans, shows an other side on this disc with a more late seventies style, and it reminded me of Alice Cooper. And The Wind Blows, has a touch of Progressive Rock and Blues, and with this song I thought I could draw some parallels to Blue Oyster Cult and Led Zeppelin. With Porch Rocker Blues, the title of the song says it all. There is also some very nicely performed instrumental songs like the very hammond orientedThe Chequered Flag and the saxophone, guitarplayed Every Time It Hurts. With Come Back Baby, the blues is on the loose, The Tears is a lovely ballad and Hope Against Hope is more back to the seventies rock. To sum up I think this album is one of the most varieted albums I have listened to lately, it has great singing and guitarplaying, very different songs/styles, so if you like 70`s and 80`s Hard Rock and Blues with a dose of Progressive Rock you need to check out Tony Koretz!
Arne Asbolmo– Melodichardrocktoday

“Tony Koretz is truly an original find for me…..there are still so many other outside elements that fall into the mix, it makes the music of Koretz interesting as hell and hard to label”
An excerpt from a review in MUEN magazine March/April 2005 where “Kicking Cans” received a 5 starreview rating

“”Kicking Cans” by Tony Koretz is an enigma wrapped in a 70’s halucination. There are so many eliments of treasured days gone by – classic hard rockers Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy are all flashing images as this music unfolds. Is this perfect music? No. Should it be? No! Does it rock its ass off? Absolutely!”

Tony Koretz Kicking Cans (Self-released)
Not often do I get a CD sent to me from New Zealand (despite its proximity to where I reside) but I suppose that when I do – it’s an event! From the moment the 10cc-like chorus hits on “If Love Was A River,” you know that this is something special. The rest of *Kicking Cans* doesn’t stray from the winning formula – basically classic rock 70s style! So, if you’re a fan of any of these bands – Be Bop Deluxe, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Free, (early) Jethro Tull, Deep Purple – then you must get in touch with Tony now!!!
Kevin Matthews, at

From New Zealand comes singer-songwriter, musicianand guitar extraordinaire, Tony Koretz. This is the second release by Tony in the past four years. He also has a 2000 release , titled ‘Destiny’. His sound is that of a wide range of rock sounds. From a seventies classic to a progressive rock with a jazzy mix , as well as slowed tempo blues. It’s all there. This is definitely some driving guitar rock. Koretz’s style is reminiscent to that of an early Journey(pre Steve Perry), Yesterday and Today (Y&T ) and Foghat. Very nice on the blues riffs. CD highlights for me are ,” If Your Love Was A River, (radio hit chart topping sounds to that one) and the infectiously depressive, And The Wind Blows”. Ripping guitars. A good jam. This is a must listen for any and all fans of rock-and-roll.
by John Haseltine Ballbuster (04-2005)

“Kicking Cans” is a unique rock’n’roll album that only occasionally strays into what can be called “hard rock” territory but that is so personal and unique that it is irresistibly listenable and fascinating.

Bringing to mind the raw, straight-forward sound of legendary 70s rockers, especially Neil Young, “Kicking Cans” is a collection of dirty, raw guitar rockers and bluesy, acoustic numbers. From the classic wailing of “If Your Love Was a River” to the ballad-y “The End Draweth Nigh” to the boogie woogie of “Come Back, Baby,” Koretz will keep you guessing. Then, just when you think you’ve got it figured out, along comes track #6, an instrumental that sounds as if it could have been a Jon Lord solo from a Deep Purple concert.

Fans of rock’n’roll from the 70s will like what they hear on this CD while those just looking for something a little different won’t be disappointed either.

Performing on “Kicking Cans” are: Tony Koretz – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming; Nathan Koretz – drums, bass, saxophone; Matt Schmitt – keyboards on two tracks; Marcel and Simon Koretz – backing vocals.
by R. Scott Bolton

Ever stand in the doorway, beer in hand, and wish that those days of the Camero T top and AM rock radio were back. Still have that Camero and need some music to go with the mullet? Tony Koretz is what you need. The sounds of hard rock like this recalls the early days of KISS and AC/DC mixed with a bit of the hair dandy rock from the eighties; or perhaps one step lower. The sound of Kicking Cans is antiquated, yet full of energetic guitar-based melodic rock. Tony Koretz’s brand of music is heavily influenced by classic and arena rock. There are hints of REO Speedwagon and the title track is reminiscent of late Ramones (“Somebody Put Some Thing in My Drink”) mixed with a flavor that must emanate from New Zealand. Tony’s voice is gruff, and then pulls into a higher range and delivers misconceived lyrics on the title track. “And the Wind Blows” places him between a Leslie speaker, crashing cymbals and a hard place. Kicking Cans will definitely go with the newly fashionable mullet and a Camero, yet the tones of Tony Koretz are anachronistic.
by John Shelton Ivany May 29th, 2005 to June 4th, 2005 – Issue: #228

TONY KORETZ – KICKING CANS: Tony Koretz is an audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Tony started playing piano at age ten and the guitar at age 16. Koretz sites a wide range of influences including hard rocking Led Zeppelin, progressive Pink Floyd and guitar extraordinaire Phil Keaggy. Kicking Cans features twelve tracks that meld classic rock textures with contemporary tones. Tony also explores a number of genres in his music including blues, jazz, progressive and rock. Tony states that his songs were written over a few years. They reflect the highs and lows of life in arrangements that are edgy yet organic. ‘If Your Love Was A River’ flows on an up-tempo rhythm and intense guitars, swirling around a harmonizing hook. ‘Kicking Cans’ is a guitar heavy tune supported by heavy bass line and a number of interesting bridge changes. ‘And The Wind Blows’ is a blues based tune with haunting keys and guitars melding over heavy hearted vocals and lyrics about facing difficult times. Tony Koretz is a mult-talented artist and Kicking Cans is a diverse, honest and spunky CD!
• Recommended Tracks: (1,3,4) [NEW ZEALAND 2004 – web] (2006 Review by Laura Turner Lynch

Newspaper articles

Canned Koretz comes with a kick 
By Christian Bolland (extract from article in ‘Hamilton This Week March 24 2005’) This week small

Most rock bands these days spend their time smashing guitars or kicking in their amps, but not Tony Koretz;he is content with ‘Kicking Cans’
……..Recording of the album started in 220 and over the past couple of years Tony has added new material influenced by relationship breakups and other life experiences.
Tony’s songs may deal with difficult situations but he always tries to come from a positive perspective. “When I play I’m thinking about how other people relate to the song”, says Koretz.
“I play songs about life, but they are also fun.” ……………………….

Kicking Cans in the US 
By Gail Henshaw (extract from article in ‘Hmilton Press’ May 25 2005)
……Tony said music-wise he has been influenced by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd and lyrically he has taken alot of inspiration from Bob Dylan and Alice Cooper……..Hamilton Press 1

Fans, Friends and buyers Comments

“I listened to the complete CD and was impressed with its professionalism. For someone who listened to Groups Like Uriah Heap, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, a bit of Led Zeppelin etc. when I was younger, I found the CD resonating with maybe some glimpses of those days. The difference is while I wouldn’t play those old albums again I would include yours with my collection and listen to it again every time I wanted to and not even feel guilty about doing so at my (middle) age.
Dale Gilmore”.

” Tony… your album kicks ass…keep up the good work. keep on rockin ”
Aaron Charman

“Loved it. Loaded with energy in tracks like “If Your Love Was A River” and “Oh Yeah” but also heaps of emotion and heartbreak in other tracks. Melodic, funky and powerful. Awesome work. Tony has a really haunting and dramatic voice. A bit of every genre and situations we can all relate to. Good stuff.”
Kimbra Johnson. – Singer/ Songwriter

“Hey Tony, Lerryn here from otherworld studios\Illusion records. Your album is really great, I love your musical direction (straying from the main stream sound). To hear a musician track, mix and master makes for a more honest sounding songs Keep it up”
Lerryn Hawken

“Tony your new recording kicks more than cans bro, it kicks ass! If there was any justice in the world “If Your Love Was A River” would be on the charts (wicked song Tony!) ”
Paul Martin, The Axe Attack

“KICKING CANS A neat mix of classic and new koretz ,.Love the old bluesy track”

Very Enjoyable!! Great listening from a great musician!!
I have enjoyed listening to all the songs on Tony’s CD. Not only great songs and lyrics but Tony has recorded this very well. From the clear acoustic sounds to the big heavy rock guitar!! A CD well worth buying and listening too. Good work Tony!!
Reviewer: Geoff Lawn

“Tony’s music is creative. His passion and talent for music and songwriting is obvious in his CD Kicking Cans. Listening to Tony’s lyrics in a unique way connects within me.I am sure it will in many other listeners too. I am looking forward to more.”
Andrea Soanes

Tony, we love your material and are excited that you have agreed to be on our very first compilation CD. You’ll be up on our Catalog on Indie Artists Alliance in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we can bring you so much business that we’ll have the opportunity to meet in person. Spread the word about the Indie Artists Alliance. We’ll do the same about your amazing style of music.

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